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Like most people, we weren’t born with cooking superpowers.

We felt lost trying to imitate chefs on TV, and didn’t get why motions that seemed really easy, took forever in reality.

While accepting the fact that we are not professional chefs, we still felt that there’s a lot we can do to improve our cooking experience, as well as yours…

We believe that in order to improve the quality and experience of cooking, you’ll need good practice, good vibes, and extremely good kitchenware!

While good practice is achieved with time, and good vibes depend on someone’s personality/mood, good kitchenware supposed to be immediately available!

This is why we established MiTBA, with the idea to bring high quality and user -friendly utensils to every kitchen.

We believe that our kitchen gadgets can help you improve your cooking abilities, and can also help you enjoy in the process.

We truly wish you to Cook Easily and to Live Tastefully ☺

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